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      china basic holding group-LOGO
      About us
      Chairman Mr
      postion:Home - Chairman Mr
              Look back the career from the foundation to the development of myself and our team, I am filled with a thousand of regrets.
              A person and a company both has the dream and pursue, 15 years is in a flash, we follow the formal and transparent corporate culture and sane, dedicated development model, from the small garment im&ex company of few peoples at the beginning develop into a comprehensive group on six industry base which holding im&ex trading, real estate, storage&logistics, garment production and electric produce and hotel&property management holding a high qualified management team and an outstanding staff team. According to the corporate spirit of “pursue the excellence, co-create the brilliant” and the core values of “energy, hardworking, innovate, efficiency, achieve the promise of “become a responsible and active corporate citizen, improve the management constantly and contribute to the society”.
                Currently, the severe economic form is a big challenge to company, but also is a new opportunity as well. I firmly believe that an outstanding company must be a company which suffer the marketing respect and staff support and big responsible to the society.  We will insist our management sense and core values, make positive improvement in building the “knowledge china base, technology china base”, innovate, bring the strength, advance with times.
              Look ahead, believe that we will and must create more splendid future.
              Hereby, we would like to thank every leader, business friends in home and abroad and all the friends in society which always help and support us in so many years. Welcome!
                                                                                                                                                   Chairman:Yan Hai guo