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      china basic holding group-LOGO
      Corporate Values
      Party Building Dynamic
      Volunteer Service
      Postion:Home - Enterprise values
            One enterprise’s grown and development and always depend on a spirit which can turn into power.
            The spirit power of guide china basic the way to constantly development is “pursue outstanding, work for a prosperous future”.
            Our enterprise and staff always keeping a mood of unsatisfied and constantly surpass and a spirit of pursue more better and more perfect for every work and every development. Hand and hand to create a resplendently achievement and future.
      The value of an enterprise: the core of china basic’s value is "vitality, diligence, innovation, efficiency"


      Vitality: energetic, quick thinking, optimistic self-confidence, work more effectively.

      Diligence: to do good work for each, good everything, not afraid to work hard, practical work.

      Innovation: constant pursuit of new knowledge and explore new ideas, new methods have the courage to challenge themselves.
      Efficiency: the management of all work or pursue fast-paced, high efficiency.